Pixel mall

Pixel name is one of the most widespread name in the world of technology, which reflect the company vision.

To make Pixel Mall the most well-known mall specialized in technology.

Pixel Mall is the first technology mall in the new capital and the Downtown area to serve the government districts and residential neighborhoods such as R7 & R8 to be the main destination for all those looking for modern technology in Egypt& Arab world.

Pixel Mall is built on 30% of land area of 2410m and the rest is a landscape it consists of a ground and 8 floors to serve investors & business man.

In commercial Units will be from the first to the fourth floor and the administrative headquarters from the fifth to the eighth floor.

About Shopping Mall or Retail shop

Shopping Mall are centers that include a certain class of merchants, "gold - cars - furniture - electronic devices"

It is characterized by a huge variety of goods and services, and it is the latest way to save time and effort on shoppers and an opportunity for investors to hold conferences and exhibitions so that the Shopping mall is the ideal model in commercial vital areas.

The reason for choosing a technology major

After an analytical study, we found that the shopping mall is the most common malls in this area, so it was found that the best offering of Pixel Mall is the technological field to serve this sector.

The USPs of the project

  • 2 commercial elevators·
  • 2 Administrative elevators·
  • 2 emergency ladder.
  • Backup power system·
  • Security cameras·
  • Sound system·
  • Central shower·
  • Firefighting system·
  • Central air conditioning system·
  • Solar energy system·
  • Land scape·
  • Panorama elevator·
  • External fronted smart glass·
  • Luxurious interior design·
  • 3 garage·
  • 2 entrance·
  • Bathrooms in all floors·
  • SMART modules·
  • Permanent exhibition area·
  • Mall maps screens

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