Word from the Chairman

Eng.Mohamed xxxx
Despite the diversity and multiplicity of investment opportunities, the real estate sector has a special attraction, as it is one of the main pillars of any country's economy, especially as it is characterized by low risk, in addition to the abundance of financial return from it, if this investment is served and developed in the right way.

In light of the booming in the real estate sector in our beloved country Egypt in particular and the Arab world in general, the urgent need arose to create and develop new urban communities that keep pace with this growth and add real value to society. From this standpoint, “Enwan Developments” realized this need and determined to be an active part in the march of promoting the real estate investment environment inside and outside Egypt, and support the growth and development wheel in our beloved Egypt.

Since the establishment of Enwan, we have been keen on hard work and diligence to take a prominent place among the competing companies in the Egyptian real estate market and outside it, through the development and application of the most prominent modern technical and administrative means, relying on professional and professional cadres to do so.

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